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The personal Pilates Trainer+ is the most professional Pilates app on the market. You can create your own workouts from videos in the video catalog and you can share it directly with your friends or discuss it on Facebook. This app is a valuable tool for Pilates instructors, Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers, giving the possibility of creating easy-to-access training workouts for clients/patients. If you are a beginner there is a whole section on how to exercise Pilates correctly. There is a short video introduction with cueing and demonstration that will optimize your Pilates training. 

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You get 58 clear and concise exercises that are easy to follow and which are calmly cued and 24 pre-designed and well-rounded workouts divided into three levels - fundamental, beginner and intermediate. Included are workouts for the abdominals, the back muscles, the arms and the buttocks/legs and an ultra short and effective workout with 10 hand-picked exercises for the Pilates enthusiast on the go. You can also purchase additional exercises that make use of equipment. We offer 11 exercises with a Big Ball and 20 exercises with an elastic band. We have put extra effort into creating a high quality app on all levels with professional eyes on every detail. This app, with its high quality video, sound and smooth control, is a beautiful and a safe way to train Pilates. Your very own Pilates trainer.